It’s easy to believe that online tax platforms, such as TurboTax, are the answer to all your problems. It’s quick, easy and pretty cheap. You sit down with your W2 and in ten to fifteen minutes, you’re good to go. You even start wondering why people used to complain so much about doing their taxes.

But have you ever considered the hidden costs of filing your taxes online?

If you had only a W2 and nothing else there’s a good chance you’re okay. But if you pay interest on student loans, bought a house, work as a freelancer or own your business, there are a lot of deductions and tax credits you could be missing out on. These missed opportunities can end up costing you more than you saved by using the software in the first place.

A tax professional can help you avoid an audit. They can help you start planning for next year, they can help you figure out how to get organized and keep accurate records.

A tax professional knows that taxes aren’t something you think about once on April 14th. They are a strategic part of your personal finances and of your business.

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