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Payroll is an important part of any growing business. At its best, it functions smoothly and efficiently without getting in your way of running the business. At worst, it is a distraction from the essential functions that any small business owner needs to focus on.

Is Payroll consuming your time?

USA Tax Prep Plus gives your business a fast, efficient and distraction-free payroll system that lets you focus on finding new customers, making great products and growing your business. We offer the same to your employees so they can focus on the task at hand, and not on payroll logistics.

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  • Payroll Processing: Complete all processing online with an Internet connection, or via your mobile device.
  • Reports: Generate online reports and save or email them electronically.
  • Direct Deposit: Reduce paper consumption and check distribution costs while saving your workforce the time and energy it takes to go to the bank. It’s the easiest way to pay employees.
  • Electronic Tax Payment: Taxes are paid electronically for you. This eliminates the need to go to the bank to make deposits or file returns manually. Payroll tax deposits and returns are filed timely on your behalf and are guaranteed to be accurate.

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About Us

We take great pride in treating our clients like family. We leave no stone unturned when filing your taxes and we walk you through every step of the way when setting up your payroll operations. We do great work and are easy to work with, but what we really sell is peace of mind. We sell the peace of mind that your taxes are accurate and that your employees will get paid on time and the necessary withholdings are accounted for…

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