Tax Resolution Services

The worst thing you can do is nothing at all.


It can be incredibly daunting to receive threats from tax debt collectors telling you how much you owe. However, the worst thing you can do is nothing at all. At USA Tax Prep Plus we will assist you in taking each step of the tax resolution process. Our team of tax professionals led by Greg Ewing has the knowledge and experience to negotiate with the IRS to ensure our clients get fair treatment. We will work with you to develop a plan that meets your individual needs and stand with you to implement and execute that plan.

It’s hard to have an American Dream when you’re battling with tax debt. At USA Tax Prep Plus we battle for you so that you can get back on the path towards financial freedom. It’s surprising where your dream can take you when you get out from under the heavy burden of tax debt.

Our pricing structure puts the emphasis on getting you out of tax debt – not on lining our pockets. We ask for a small retainer up front and then a reasonable hourly rate after your debt is resolved. The most important thing you need to know about us is that we are concerned about you. At USA Tax Prep Plus we put the customer first.

Federal Tax Resolution

When you partner with USA Tax Prep Plus, you have the security and peace of mind knowing that we will handle all aspects of your federal tax debt. You will be assigned a dedicated USA representative that will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.

Our team will also handle all of the necessary paperwork, including filing previous year’s returns along with any other required documentation. More importantly, you will not have to worry about the critical deadlines that are part of resolving your tax debt with the IRS.

State Tax Resolution in NY, NJ, CT & PA

Although it doesn’t receive the same amount of attention as the IRS, state tax debt is serious for individuals and businesses. Furthermore, state tax laws vary greatly because each state has its own guidelines for tax compliance. States are also usually much more aggressive than the IRS and also more likely to put your financial security in jeopardy. However, at USA Tax Prep Plus our tax professionals know the details of each state’s tax laws. We also know how to navigate through the process of state tax filings to ensure you pay the minimum required tax on your income.

Our team will handle all necessary tax forms and filings on your behalf. In addition, we will work with your state’s department of revenue to work out payment terms that work for you. We will also handle all tax preparation and adhere to all deadlines imposed.

Perhaps most importantly, USA Tax Prep Plus and The USA Group of companies will work with you closely to come up with a strategy to keep you on the path toward your American Dream. The USA Group has the experience and knowledge to handle all of your financial needs, including tax preparation, insurance, real estate and wealth management.

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We take great pride in treating our clients like family. We leave no stone unturned when filing your taxes and we walk you through every step of the way when setting up your payroll operations. We do great work and are easy to work with, but what we really sell is peace of mind. We sell the peace of mind that your taxes are accurate and that your employees will get paid on time and the necessary withholdings are accounted for…

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