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August 7, 2018

How To Calculate Your AGI

Calculating your adjusted gross income (AGI) is one of the first steps in determining your taxable income for the year. If you are an experienced tax preparer, this calculation can..

July 23, 2018

13 Tax Scams To Avoid

Have you received a call from the IRS informing your that there is a warrant out for your arrest? Or that you owe money to the IRS? If you have, you are not alone. Many American ha..

July 16, 2018

5 Tax Tips for 2018 and the Future

There’s no avoiding taxes. Here’s how to manage yours. The year 2018 brought a host of changes to the tax code, leaving countless filers just as confused as they were u..

2017 State Tax Trends

2017 is in full swing. Businesses are trying to hit their first quarter goals and many individuals have already given up their New Year’s Resolutions. Whenever we turn the calend..

4 Tax Tips for the Financially Savvy Entrepreneur

Unless you’re starting a CPA firm, taxes are often the one areas most entrepreneurs know very little about. Here are four of the best tax tips for entrepreneurs: 1 Don’t be too..

Should I file my taxes online or hire a professional?

It’s easy to believe that online tax platforms, such as TurboTax, are the answer to all your problems. It’s quick, easy and pretty cheap. You sit down with your W2 and ..

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