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June 8, 2018

Second Home Tax Tips for Homeowners

  Interested in buying or already own a second home? USA Tax PrepPlus will explain you how mortgage interest, property taxes, rental income, and expenses will affect your tax ..

May 21, 2018

6 Retirement Tax Planning Tips

When you start putting money away for retirement, you might be thinking of the current tax benefits or consequences that arise from your savings options, and not necessarily how yo..

May 15, 2018

Tips for Organizing Receipts and Expenses For Your Taxes

Tracking your expenses could help you save money at tax time. But it’s essential that you keep receipts and documentation to back up each expense and justify your deductions ..

When is the 2017 Tax Extension Deadline?

When is the 2017 tax extension deadline? The tax extension deadline for 2017 is April 18th, the same day tax returns are due. However there are some good reasons to file an extens..

Income Tax Deadline for the 2016 Tax Year

Income Tax Deadline for the 2016 The usual date for filing taxes is April 15. However this year is a little different. This year April 15 falls on a Saturday and the following Mond..

Are My Student Loans Tax Deductible?

Are my student loans tax deductible? If you are currently in college and/or are a recent graduate odds are you are stuck with the burden of repaying student loans. And you may be w..

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